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Human Resource Services

These are services are offered because of the following workplace dysfunctions; extended working hours, toxic work environments difficulties in relationships between co-workers and management, bullying and harassment and management, physical working conditions such as office temperature, humidity, ventilation, illumination and noise that can affect employees wellbeing, and ultimately their performances.

  • Peer educators’ management
  • Website Services for employee information
  •  Management Training, Inductions & Coaching
  • Employee Training, Inductions & Mentoring
  •  Awareness Days & Health Calendar (National and International Health and Wellness Days)
  •  Provision of Ergonomics Advisory Services (Surveys & Assessments, Purchasing Criteria etc.)
  •  Hosting of Mental Health and Employee Wellness Webinars, Seminars, Conferences, Workshops and Team building activities
  •  Disciplinary and Grievances Management (AWOL, Absenteeism, Presentism, Poor work performance, Sick leave Abuse etc.)
  •  Maladjustment (behaviour that is usually diagnosable, given recognised abnormal behavior which causes the employee to be UNABLE TO COPE WITH NORMAL LIFE REQUIREMENTS OR THOSE DEEMED a norm in various life roles).
  •  Work dysfunction (An employee’s inability to perform due to ill health or abnormal behavior which is not easily diagnosable).
  •  Ergonomics advisory (Purchasing criteria, assessments, surveys and information).

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Whether your employees have regular healthcare benefits or pay for their own insurance. It provides members with immediate access to outstanding care whether they are at the workplace, at home, or on the road.