Ethical Responsibility

  • Informed Consent: MONARCH shall communicate with organisations about how the process will unfold during an assessment, referral, and follow-ups.
  • MONARCH professionals, associates, and affiliates are all competent and qualified and registered by the relevant authorities.
  • Non-discrimination: MONARCH does not discriminate against any of the employees in respect of their race, colour, ethnicity, religion, national origin, culture, marital status, education, political affiliation, disability, gender, sexual orientation, or age.
  • Avoiding Harm: MONARCH professionals, associates, and affiliates will conduct themselves in ways that are not harmful to employees, employers, or the community that we serve. It is OUR responsibility to PRESERVE life.

Environmental Responsibility

MONARCH shall limit its footprint in environmental waste by making use of technology and other environmentally friendly options to provide services as far as reasonably possible. Ensuring promotional items purchased are made from bio-degradable material or recyclable material as far as reasonably possible.

Corporate Social Responsibility

MONARCH shall attempt to provide its services pro bono to other SME as far as reasonably possible with a focus on the retail, security, small scale farmers, mining and those industries where employees don’t have benefits.

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy


An effective and proactive Employee Assistance Programme for any organisation is achieved by the effective utilisation of a multi-qualified team of practitioners and counsellors, carefully selected and recruited by MONARCH to provide services to professional standards and guidelines. This diverse team comes from backgrounds of multidisciplinary professionals; the consultants are selected based on their qualifications, accreditation, experience, specialty, and location.