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Our Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

Monarch Employee Assistance Consultancy strives to become a model organisation for optimising the health of its own employees and affiliates, and firmly believes that the physical and mental well-being and safety of employees are critical to the success and longevity of the organisation. In addition, it acknowledges that it is the responsibility of both individuals and the business as a whole to foster and improve working relationships that adhere to the values of respect, confidentiality, and teamwork.

MONARCH EAC is committed to creating and maintaining a mentally and physically healthy and safe working environment in collaboration with its employees and affiliates.

Therefore, Monarch is committed to:

  • Show decency and respect to everyone we interact with.
  • Hold mental health and well-being of employees in high esteem.
  • Foster a corporate culture that encourages physical and psychological health and safety.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable Occupational Health and Safety laws and pursue implementation of the  National Standard on Psychological Health and Safety, including the application of standards, rules,  recommendations, and best practices.
  • Limit its footprint in environmental waste by making use of technology and other environmentally friendly options to provide services as far as reasonably possible. Ensuring promotional items purchased are made from bio-degradable material or recyclable material as far as reasonably possible.
  • Ensure to use of technology was applicable to limit paper waste.
  • Commit to periodically reviewing and addressing workplace hazards, and incorporate preventative and protective measures to address hazards, as well as training, awareness, and competency development.
  • Consider and actively solicit the different viewpoints and needs of employees regarding policies,  programmes, and available services.
  • Appreciate affiliates, contractors, and suppliers who display leadership and dedication to workplace mental health and wellness.
  • Apply and abide by the rules of confidentiality, in accordance with applicable internal policies and legal requirements, when interacting with employees. This includes, but is not limited to, the reporting of information and data acquired by internal processes and procedures (accident/incident investigations, leave reporting, etc.).

To earn the confidence of our employees, affiliates, other stakeholders, and the general public, MONARCH  EAC will continually strive to achieve physical and mental health and safety performance of which we can be proud.