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Background and

MONARCH is a 100% Namibian owned and registered company. The company was started to fill the existing gaps in Namibia relating to employee Health and Wellness.
The company core business is based on the world-renowned Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) Basic Principles of EAPs function in Organisations. These basic principles govern the implementation of EAP in organisations which ensure successful initiation, planning and the execution thereof.

At MONARCH, we use the guiding principles to use a holistic approach in providing services that cater to all the multi-dimensions in organisations that affect its employees such as the Psychological dimension, Occupational Health dimension, Human Resources or Administration dimension and the Social dimension. These various approaches used in these dimensions help create the goal of achieving employee wellbeing; with an overall aim of achieving organisation objectives by high performing employees.

Mission Statement

Fill the industry gap by working with the leading organisation to tackle the ‘silent’ mental health pandemic that affect Namibian employees and prevents them from being productive and achieving organisational goals.

Our Vision

Provide world-class employee assistance services to ensure holistic approach to employee wellness and mental health.

The role of MONARCH at any organisation is to support management in adopting a proactive stance to the health and wellness of its employees by enhancing employee productivity and the social functioning of employees by reconciling employees’ personal and work lives. It also makes organisations socially responsible, when they incorporate their employees’ health and wellness in their long-term objectives.

MONARCH operates from the position that every organisation is unique, with its own philosophy, culture, policies and objectives. We offer employees practical strategies for dealing with work problems in a constructive way, which minimises the impact on work performance.

Our Goals

Attempt to assist employees cope with personal problems through provision of practical coping mechanisms

Minimize Absenteeism, Presentism, Maladjustments, Workplace Adjustment (Staff turnover) and Dysfunction and; Provision of Return on Investment (Reduction in Sick leave abuses, AWOL etc.)

Boost Employee Morale Performance, and Functionality

How we Achieve our Goals

Ensuring that employee information is handled with a high degree of privacy and confidentiality.

Employees are increasingly recognised as a crucial asset for the success of any business. Their well-being is essential to the development of the new flexible, quality-oriented, knowledge-based, healthy, and competitive enterprise.

Proactive prevention programmes are much more cost-effective and successful than waiting until a significant incident occurs to take action

EAP includes a gender balance and avoids gender-specific roles


The success of the programme is measured by utilisation, satisfaction, and overall improved employees' well-being.

Our Partners

Hephzibah - Monarch EAC